Destiny 2‘s seasonal PvP event, Iron Banner, launched this week with a new mode: Fortress. Fortress is similar to Crucible Control in that the primary goal is to capture zones scattered across each map. The difference, however, lies in the way the two modes are scored.

In Control, kills award points to the killing player’s team, with each zone that the team controls multiplying the number of points each kill is worth. Fortress, on the other hand, only awards points for each controlled zone at specific time intervals. That means kills really only serve to deter the other team from capturing zones. Unfortunately, it seems not many players have gotten the memo and are still playing Fortress like it’s Control.

I can’t tell you how many teams I have been on where I seem to be the only one who cares about the objective of capturing zones. I end up capturing a zone entirely by myself while the rest of my team is out getting as many scoreless kills as they can. Not to mention the fact that I consistently find my name on the top of my team’s leaderboard, and I don’t even consider myself a skilled PvP player.

Sad thing is, I’ve witnessed it happening on the opposing team as well. There have been countless times I was killed by the other team while guarding a zone, only for those players to immediately run off after killing me, neglecting to capture the zone in the process.

This problem is either representative of the many flaws in Fortress’ mechanics, or it is representative of the profound ignorance and carelessness currently plaguing the Destiny 2 community. Whatever it may be, if you are playing PvP in Destiny 2 just to rack up some kills, stay out of Iron Banner this week. For everyone’s sake.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Josh Cotts
Josh is a casual gamer with over 25 years of experience playing video games and over 5 years of experience writing about them. He has a BS in Mass Communications & Media Studies. He has currently devoted over 2,500 hours of his life to Destiny 2 and writes primarily about the game. That being said, he enjoys playing just about anything from The Legend of Zelda to Dark Souls.

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