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Destiny 2: My Favorite Weapons (Right Now)

One of the greatest things about Destiny 2 in its current state is how balanced the weapons are. Thanks to this balance, players can adjust their load-out according to play-style, rather than according to the “best weapons.” At one point in time, I could hear the sound of the Graviton Lance in my sleep. That being said, there will obviously always be some weapons that perform better than others. Otherwise, there would be no reason to acquire them. However, there remains a great balance between weapons that largely prefers personal play-style above raw power.

Although Destiny 2 is chock full of great weapons, there are some that I prefer above others. Why? Because they suit my play-style. Here is a list of my favorite weapons that I’m using right now.


The Bad Juju pulse rifle was an exotic pulse rifle originally found in Destiny

For obvious reasons, I love this weapon. The Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle is a pulse rifle from Destiny that was brought back in Destiny 2 during the Season of Opulence as a reward for filling Calus’ new Tribute Hall with 18 tributes. It’s back with String of Curses, a perk that reloads the Juju on kills, increases damage, and grants Super energy based on the strength of String of Curses.

Although String of Curses is much more useful with the exotic catalyst, which makes the buff last longer, the Juju still isn’t a bad gun without it. Since it fires full auto, it’s perked well for taking down hordes of minor enemies without ever taking your finger off the trigger. Its range isn’t all that great, but its excellent stability more than makes up for that. Especially if you have a better ranged weapon.

For more info on how to obtain the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2, check out Gamespot’s complete walkthrough here.


The Breakneck auto rifle is acquired from a Gambit-related quest

The Breakneck is my weapon of choice right now. Another weapon built for quickly taking down hordes of enemies, this auto rifle is so much fun to use. If you want it though, you’ll have to be prepared to do a fairly arduous Gambit-related quest involving the use of auto rifles.

The Breakneck comes with the Rampage and Onslaught perks, two perks that work extremely well together. If you’re not familiar with Rampage, this perk temporarily increases damage output with each kill, with a maximum of 3 stacks available. Onslaught, on the other hand, increases the auto rifle’s rate of fire as you stack Rampage.

These two perks paired together make it possible to take out a large group of enemies with one clip. Another great thing about this weapon is its hidden perk. Not only does rate of fire increase with Rampage, but so does reload speed. This is a must-have weapon. Especially for fans of auto rifles.


The Calus Mini-Tool submachine gun is obtained by completing The Menagerie

I call this my rage danger weapon. If I ever start getting overwhelmed, I pull this baby out. The Calus Mini-Tool is by far my favorite submachine gun and it melts everything in its path with no problem. This weapon can be obtained by slotting a Rune of the Beast in slot 1 of your Chalice of Opulence and any purple rune in slot 2. It rolls with random perks, so be sure to farm it until you get the perks you want.

A great combination of perks for the Calus Mini-Tool would be Grave Robber and Surrounded, but mine has Threat Detector and Feeding Frenzy, which is still a great combo when used specifically for clearing mobs. Threat Detector increases reload speed, stability, and handling when enemies are in close proximity while Feeding Frenzy increases reload speed on kills. So, you’re looking at a weapon that can dish out business quick and then get right back into the action.

Polygon has a great list of rune recipes for The Menagerie here if you’re looking for something specific.


The Fixed Odds machine gun is obtained by completing The Menagerie

This machine gun. Wow. I love this thing. The Fixed Odds machine gun is obtained upon completion of The Menagerie when a Rune of Ambition is slotted in slot 1 of the Chalice of Opulence and any blue rune is slotted in slot 2. Even without the perks I want, this gun still dominates.

Currently, mine is perked with Feeding Frenzy and Surrounded, making it great for mob-clearing. However, I’d like to be able to depend on it more for burning bosses down. Also, mine is Masterworked with handling, which is okay, but I would prefer reload speed or stability (I didn’t have the Masterwork slot open at the time I acquired the weapon). This will be the next weapon I farm in The Menagerie, as I believe it is one of the best machine guns available in the game, and I love using it.


The Last Word is a hand cannon originally found in Destiny, but was reworked for Destiny 2

I’ve always been a hand cannon guy. My friends don’t understand it. But once you learn how to effectively use a hand cannon, it becomes your favorite weapon type. And now that The Last Word is available in Destiny 2, it has officially replaced the Ace of Spades as my top choice when it comes to hand cannons.

The main thing that sets The Last Word apart from the rest is its speed and accuracy. Its primary perk is Fan Fire, which enables the weapon to be fired quickly and continuously, while also giving it faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage. Paired with Hip-Fire Grip, this is a very accurate weapon. Plus, since you’re encouraged to fire it from the hip, you don’t waste time aiming down sights, increasing its speed.

For more info on how to obtain The Last Word exotic hand cannon, check out Gamesradar’s complete walkthrough here.


The Outlast pulse rifle is randomly obtained through Gambit-related quests and/or matches

If you’re a fan of pulse rifles, the Outlast is a good choice. This rapid-fire pulse rifle can be obtained by doing Gambit-related quests or bounties, as well as Gambit or reckoning matches. It’s a random drop though, so you’ll have to do a little bit of grinding to get it.

When I got mine, it came fully Masterworked with stability, which I am a huge fan of when it comes to automatic or semi-automatic weapons. It’s other perks were Zen Moment (causing damage increases its stability) and Kill Clip (reloading after a kill grants increased damage). I really enjoy having Zen Moment on it, but I think I would rather have Feeding Frenzy in place of Kill Clip. Still, it’s a great weapon as it’s a rapid-fire energy weapon, making it perfect for quickly taking down shields.

I’m sure my choice of weapons will continue to change as Destiny 2 evolves, especially with the upcoming release of Shadowkeep, but these remain my favorites for now. What are your current weapons of choice? Let me know in the comments. For more blogs on Destiny 2, check out my opinion on the current state of Gambit here.

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