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Destiny 2 Still Has One Major Problem


I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep over the last week and I am extremely thankful to Bungie for the changes they’ve made to the game. The Season Pass is a great incentive to keep playing, and it gives players another reason to do bounties. The new armor and mod system is fantastic as it allows for more versatility in playstyle. However, even with all of the good things that Shadowkeep brings to the table, Destiny 2 still has one major problem.


Each week, players who have reached Shadowkeep’s soft cap of 900 can begin completing challenges for “powerful gear.” The light level of powerful gear drops according to the player’s potential power level, so that’s pretty locked in.

What is not locked in though, and never has been, is what type of gear the player receives. That part is random. In other words, I might need to upgrade my helmet, but RNG doesn’t care.

This has always been a major problem with Destiny 2. One that many players get infuriated by. The issue with this is that one piece of gear can potentially hold players back from actually getting anywhere in their power level. This can make weekly challenges feel pointless, especially with many of them being arduous tasks.


Last night, I buckled down and completed three challenges, since the weekly reset happens today. After completing my first challenge, I got a 916 Imperative Scout Rifle to replace a 912 Hand Cannon I had. After my second challenge, I got a 917 Imperative Scout Rifle. Can you guess what happened after that? Yep. A 918 Imperative Scout Rifle for completing my third challenge. All while I had a helmet sitting at 911.

I have suggested this for a while, and I know other players have as well, but the type of powerful gear that drops should correspond to what needs to be upgraded the most. Challenges feel like a waste of time if they accomplish little or nothing.

What about you? Do you think this is something that should be changed? Let me know in the comments.

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