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I Finally Realized Something About Destiny 2’s Gambit


Over the last few days, I’ve spent more of my time in Destiny 2 farming ritual weapons now that I’m sitting at 961 power (950+11 bonus). Particularly, the new Gambit ritual weapon, Exit Strategy. This new weapon requires you to play a lot of Gambit, so that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. Unfortunately, I’ve finally realized something about Destiny 2‘s Gambit mode.

I’m not writing this to complain about how terrible the mechanics can be at times. Everyone complains about that. I even complained about it in a separate article here. I’m writing this to embrace a truth that I think we’ve all ignored: Bungie wants us to hate Gambit. Hear me out.


How many complaints have been made about Gambit? How many criticisms has Bungie listened to? How many more games must I lose thanks to Gambit’s completely unbalanced comeback mechanics? How many times must I play a game where one of my teammates uses the portal as soon as the opposing team’s Primeval spawns? Does Bungie even listen to us?

Yes. Yes, they do. That’s the problem. Since they really do listen to us, there can only be one explanation: they want us to hate Gambit. Bungie, we get it now. We shouldn’t have said those things about you. We were just hangry. Please forgive us and stop locking weapons behind Gambit.

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