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Destiny 2: I Got My Leviathan’s Breath Bow In One Hour. Here’s How.

The quest for a new Exotic Heavy Bow called Leviathan’s Breath went live in Destiny 2 today, and I was able to pick it up in about an hour. If you’re looking to pick it up, it’s very easy to do. I imagine it won’t be long before everyone has it.

To pick up the quest, you’ll need to visit Banshee in the Tower. Once you receive the quest, you’ll need to find his workshop. The game gives you very little details about where that might be. However, Paul Tassi of Forbes gives a very detailed walkthrough about how to find it here. Once you find Banshee’s workshop, return to him to start the next step.


The next step requires you to complete either Gambit or Strike activities. Thankfully, it’s not a lot if you do it right. I was able to finish this part of the quest by doing only two Adept Nightfalls.

Once that is complete, you’ll need to get Vex precision kills with any bow. If you fast travel to Artifact’s Edge on Nessus, there is an infinite farm of Vex just below the spawn point. If you sit back on the ledge on the other side of the path where the Vex spawn, they will keep spawning and you can pick them off from there. Doesn’t take long.


The next step will require you to complete a reprise of the Arms Dealer Strike. Fortunately, this step includes matchmaking, so you won’t need to use the app to team up. Just select the strike on the EDZ map and complete it.

You’ll then need to visit Banshee and he will have you retrieve the Leviathan’s Breath bow from his workshop. I was able to do this all within an hour. Not too bad.

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