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Death Stranding: The Road to 100%

As of right now, I’ve logged an estimated total of around 40 hours into Death Stranding and I’m only on Episode 5 out of 15. You heard me right. How have I managed to be so terrible at this game, you ask? Well…by not being terrible at it. I mean, I’m literally the greatest deliverer in post-apocalyptic history. I can bear the weight of a thousand Christmases on my back if I wanted to. Seriously. Amazon should hire me.

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My time in Death Stranding has been one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life. I know the thought of delivering items from one place to another isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely mine. And it’s a cup of tea that I’ve been chugging and refilling for 40 hours, and I still haven’t had enough of it.

Obviously, the story is incredible. It’s not as weird as it seems when all you’ve seen is the trailer or a clip of gameplay. It’s actually perfectly understandable and quite relatable. The story’s deeply emotional and supernatural themes give a pretty strong tug on the heart and mind strings. Even so, it’s not the story that I blame for my addiction to this game. It’s the endless opportunities the game gives me to make someone else happy.

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When Sam makes a delivery to a station in the world of Death Stranding, his connection with that specific person or group of people becomes stronger, and the strength of that connection is denoted by stars up to a maximum of 5. It’s basically the game’s reputation system. Most of the time, Sam gets a reward for increasing his reputation with the various stations, and those rewards can range from a crafting blueprint to an actual item that Sam can use immediately. That has been rewarding enough, but there’s something else I’ve been obsessing over.

Kojima Productions

When Sam earns the maximum of 5 stars with a specific station, that station gives Sam an actual star in physical form that he then places on the pant leg of his left thigh. I know. It sounds stupid. But there’s something about that star that makes me not want to get too far away from a station before I’ve achieved maximum connection with them.

I almost always stick with a game until I’ve completed 100% of it, within reason. And I try not to finish the story before I’ve completed everything else, as long as the game allows me to do so. That way, when I do finish the story, I’m done with the game. So, if you’re wondering why I’m still on Episode 5 of Death Stranding, that’s why. I don’t just plan on finishing Death Stranding‘s story. I plan on finishing Death Stranding.

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